Shaheryar Khalid

Chief Technology Officer

IT Project Manager

Agile Product Owner

Shaheryar Khalid

Chief Technology Officer

IT Project Manager

Agile Product Owner

About Me

Hello! I’m Shaheryar Khalid,

a Business professional with over 13+ years of International experience spanning Business management, Marketing, Customer services and (IT) Project management.

  • Age: 35
  • Residence: Germany
  • Freelance: Available
  • Address: Gießen, DE
My Expertise
Project Management - IT

Managing large projects with diverse teams using agile  methodologies like SCRUM to ensure 99% ontime releases.

Marketing / Brand Management

Creating powerful Brands through a strategic marketing mix to achieve sustainable growth for the company.

Customer Success

From strategy formulation to flawless execution for adding value by creating a 'WOW' experience for customers and reducing the post-purchase dissonance.

Business Management

Managing independent business units to achieve business growth through efficient management techniques and meeting organizational goals while adding value for all stakeholders.

Core Competencies
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Marketing and Brand building
  • Social Media Management
  • B2B Business Development / Key Account Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Webdesign (WordPress)
  • Content / Copywriting
  • Office and Productivity Tools
  • Problem-solving and Decision-making
  • Planning, Organizing and Control
  • Communication and Presentation skills
Success is 10% know-how and 90% attitude!
Shaheryar Khalid
Business Manager
Career Achievements
  • Lead a team of 8+ developers, UI/UX designers and Q/A testers to successfully complete the CarMarketplace project well before deadline.
  • Implemented an Agile development model in the organization using SCRUM methodology to achieve 95% efficiency w.r.t on-time software releases.

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  • Email: [email protected]
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